How we charge:

We have different pricing depending on the type of material we are hauling away and the amount of time it will take us to load it up. Our pricing is based on volume, the type of material and the time and difficulty to load.

We offer our lowest rate for Curb Side pickups, if you already have the debris piled up where we can just back up to the pile and load, we can offer the best rate.

Construction debris pricing will be a bit more than our household trash debris. To get an idea on pricing try our online pricing estimator. The lower price range will be for our curbside pickups and easy loading jobs. The higher price range will be for construction debris and full house clean out jobs, or any jobs that require longer loading times.

NOTE: The pricing estimator can only give you online estimate, the actual price may be different when we arrive onsite to give you a firm no-obligation quote. Our online pricing estimator does not provide online estimate for heavy construction debris such as tile, dirt, concrete, shingles. 


Our Demolition Pricing:

Hot Tub Removal: The typical above ground hot tub removal can be removed for $350. If the hot tub is hard wired to the electric, then it must be disconnected before we can remove. We recommend hiring an electrician to disconnect and “safe off” the wires before we come out.

Deck Removal: Every deck removal jobs is different and impossible to have a standard pricing. Our min price for any deck job is $400, and we can remove the 4×4 posts at an additional charge or we can cut them at the base for no additional fee. To get a soft quote please text or email us a picture.

Shed Removal: Prices starting at $450. To get a soft quote please text or email us a picture of the inside and outside of the shed.

Wooden Playset and Swing Set Removal: Pricing starts at $300 for the typical sized set. We will need to quote in person or by sending us a text or emailing us a picture.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Removal: The must be disconnected from electric before we can remove. Pricing starts at $450 if they are regular size, empty and easy access.

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