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Getting rid of the old carpet? We provide carpet removal service, even wet carpet removal and pet stained carpet we can get the job done. We can pull up any size rugs or carpet, even if it's the whole house and can even take the old padding too.

Carpet is heavy, dirty and can create some dust when pulling it up so really it's not a very fun job to do but luckily you don't need to worry about all that when you hire us to do it for you. Once we removed your old carpet and padding we will haul it away and dispose of it properly at the proper waste facility in your area. We will pick up any mess that we create so you can start right away to prepare your flooring for something new.

No matter what kind of carpet you have whether it's just normal old carpet removal or wet carpet removal or pet stained carpet we got you covered. Contact us for your free estimate and let's get rid of that old carpet.

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We specialize in all sorts of junk removal including:

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